Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Episode 204: Third Man on the Mountain

Mousterpiece Cinema. Forbidding. Aloof. Terrifying. The podcast with the biggest goofballs in the world. OK, we are referencing a classic Monty Python sketch with this opening, but for the movie of the week, it makes sense. Today, Josh and Gabe are scaling new heights as they discuss the 1959 film Third Man on the Mountain. And, as Josh warned his co-host, he is full of dumb, dumb jokes this week, as well as a few impressions. (One of those impressions is inadvertently yet exquisitely timed to the recent revival of the Bill Cosby scandal! Seriously!) Did this live-action film about mountain climbing in Switzerland thaw your hosts' hearts, or were they left cold? Or, did they stay neutral like the country in which the film is set? Or, are they too busy dancing to zither music to care? Find out now!

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