Saturday, June 29, 2019

Episode 409: Toy Story 4

Hey howdy hey, everybody! It's time for a brand-new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, and the toys are back in town once more as we get set to talk about Pixar's latest film, Toy Story 4. Scott and Josh are raring to go as they sit down with friend of the show Kristen Lopez to discuss the fourth entry in the now 25-year old series, and talk about whether this movie could ever possibly hope to live up to our expectations. Is the new Toy Story movie as good as its predecessors? Is it better? Is it possible that Josh is the most positive person on this episode? Does this feel like a feature or a series of shorts strung together? These are all questions we answer in the episode, so you might as well listen -- right now!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Episode 408: Toy Story 2

Hey, folks! It's time for a brand-new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, and to listen to this one, you better make sure you've gathered the whole Roundup gang, from Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl to that trusty horse Bullseye to even Stinky Pete the Prospector. You probably already guessed, but we're talking about the Pixar Animation Studios film Toy Story 2 on the podcast this week, as yet another of our Revisited shows. Scott and Josh are joined by friend of the show and freelance writer Noel Murray to talk about the now-20-year old film, and whether or not it truly is the best Toy Story film. (One of the three of them would say not!) In advance of our Toy Story 4 podcast next week, we're looking back at the first sequel in the franchise, talking about everything from parental metaphors to the inevitable Woody prequel. Check out the show now!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Episode 407: Dark Phoenix

Hey, folks! It's time for a brand-new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, and this time, Scott and Josh are forging a new frontier of the podcast as they talk about their first film during the Disney/Fox era. And what better film to start with than the latest X-Men movie? You know...Dark Phoenix? Dark Phoenix, you guys! The new X-Men movie! With Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones! It's totally a thing, a real movie that just opened last week. And we are pretty sure we saw it! Scott and Josh are joined by friend of the show and recent guest Alan Zilberman of Washington City Paper to talk about what is likely the last X-Men movie of this era, and why it's pretty damn forgettable. Plus, Josh reveals how this movie inspired him to do something he hasn't done in years in theaters! It just might shock you. Listen to the new show to find out!

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Episode 406: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Hey, friends! Get yourself a nearby spell book and some brooms and mops, because it's time for a brand-new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema. On this episode of the show, Josh and Scott keep up the trend of talking about live-action remakes of Disney animated classics, by discussing the 2010 action film The Sorcerer's Apprentice, starring Nicolas Cage and Jay Baruchel as the sorcerer and his apprentice, respectively. Josh and Scott are joined by friend of the show Steve Greene of Indiewire to talk about the film, its connections to Fantasia, the work of Alfred Molina, Nicolas Cage and his automotive loves, and whether or not this is the rare live-action remake to be so different from its inspiration to be enjoyable. Listen to the new show now!

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Episode 405: Aladdin (2019)

Hey, folks! It's time for you to grab a magic carpet and fly down to Agrabah so you can start listening to a brand-new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema. You might have already guessed it, but just in case you didn't, Scott and Josh are headed back to this mysterious, fictional Middle Eastern city to talk about a story that..well, they've already talked about. You know, the one about the street rat who finds a lamp and gets three wishes from a big blue genie. Of course, it's Aladdin, the 2019 live-action/CGI remake of the animated classic, this time starring Will Smith as the Genie. Scott and Josh are joined by longtime friend of the show Tim Grierson to talk about the new film, and why it either only barely works or doesn't work at all. And if you've wanted to hear Josh go off about these remakes, well, you are in luck. This one's a long episode, so sit back and get comfy and start listening!