Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Episode 207: Dinosaur

This week on Mousterpiece Cinema, Josh and Gabe are going back. Way back. Further than they've gone before. Yes, further than you're thinking. They're going all the way back to the Cretaceous period to talk about the 2000 animated film Dinosaur. This hybrid of live-action and computer animation was notable upon its release in the summer of 2000, but has it held up after 15 years? Do people remember this film? Do they remember "Evening Shade"? You know "Evening Shade," right? The CBS sitcom with Burt Reynolds and Ossie Davis? Ossie Davis, from "Dinosaur"? Yes, if that wasn't clear, here's a fair warning: there are tangents aplenty in this one, mostly dinosaur-related. Plus Gabe sings. Unprompted! It's a wild one, so get ready and check it out!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Episode 206: Ant-Man

Hey, friends! This week's podcast is a little smaller than usual, so you may need to keep a sharp eye out for it. Actually, this podcast is extremely small, as small as an...insect of some kind. Maybe a bee? Yes, this episode of Mousterpiece Cinema is all about the newest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ant-Man. That's right, Josh and Gabe are all about Ant-Man this week, and they're joined by friend of the show Jacob Hall of Screen Crush to debate whether or not this movie is a fitting capper to Phase Two of the MCU, and if Paul Rudd is the right kind of charming to play an ex-con-turned-superhero, and why the movie has a final scene lifted straight from Mac and Me. Do the post-credits scenes work? Is it enough for a superhero movie to pay lip service to a female superhero without having one? Will Gabe drown us all in puns? Find out now!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Episode 205: Heavyweights

You better be listening to this episode while taking part in a solid workout, buster. Feel the burn! Push yourself! Etc.! Sorry, we're just in a very exercise-friendly mood after discussing the 1995 comedy Heavyweights on this week's episode of Mousterpiece Cinema. Gabe and Josh didn't have to go back to fat camp to prepare for this podcast, thankfully, but they did get to have a flashback to the time when Ben Stiller wasn't on top of the world of film. And they're joined in their discussion by Rob Hunter of Film School Rejects, ready to debate the important topics: is Heavyweights the best of the Disney live-action output of the 1990s? Is this an early case of co-writer Judd Apatow (yes, really, Judd Apatow) making a script too long even with a 100-minute runtime? And which host does voices this week? Find out now!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Episode 204: Third Man on the Mountain

Mousterpiece Cinema. Forbidding. Aloof. Terrifying. The podcast with the biggest goofballs in the world. OK, we are referencing a classic Monty Python sketch with this opening, but for the movie of the week, it makes sense. Today, Josh and Gabe are scaling new heights as they discuss the 1959 film Third Man on the Mountain. And, as Josh warned his co-host, he is full of dumb, dumb jokes this week, as well as a few impressions. (One of those impressions is inadvertently yet exquisitely timed to the recent revival of the Bill Cosby scandal! Seriously!) Did this live-action film about mountain climbing in Switzerland thaw your hosts' hearts, or were they left cold? Or, did they stay neutral like the country in which the film is set? Or, are they too busy dancing to zither music to care? Find out now!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Episode 203: Popeye

Grab the nearest can of spinach, friends, and get ready for this week's (sound-issue-free) episode of Mousterpiece Cinema! On this episode, Josh and Gabe are headed to the lakeside village of Sweethaven to tangle with Wimpy, the Oyl family, Bluto, and everyone's favorite sailor man, Popeye, in discussing the 1980 film Popeye, starring the late Robin Williams as the title character. And, of course, this one's directed by...the auteur Robert Altman? Yes, really, the same man behind Nashville and McCabe and Mrs. Miller directed this film, just as Robert Evans produced it. Did Josh and Gabe talk about Altman's career on this episode? You bet your ass they did. (Promise: no Robert Evans impressions on the podcast itself.) Are Josh and Gabe fans of this quirky family film, or did they find themselves unable to get on its wavelength? Short answer: they yam what they yam. Long answer: listen to find out!