Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Episode 203: Popeye

Grab the nearest can of spinach, friends, and get ready for this week's (sound-issue-free) episode of Mousterpiece Cinema! On this episode, Josh and Gabe are headed to the lakeside village of Sweethaven to tangle with Wimpy, the Oyl family, Bluto, and everyone's favorite sailor man, Popeye, in discussing the 1980 film Popeye, starring the late Robin Williams as the title character. And, of course, this one's directed by...the auteur Robert Altman? Yes, really, the same man behind Nashville and McCabe and Mrs. Miller directed this film, just as Robert Evans produced it. Did Josh and Gabe talk about Altman's career on this episode? You bet your ass they did. (Promise: no Robert Evans impressions on the podcast itself.) Are Josh and Gabe fans of this quirky family film, or did they find themselves unable to get on its wavelength? Short answer: they yam what they yam. Long answer: listen to find out!

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