Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Episode 189: The Country Bears

It's bear-ly spring, friends, but for some of us, the weather has become truly unbearable! Oh, come on, you're not really that surprised that it took bear-ly two words for some choice bear puns in this podcast description, are you? And why would you be, with our film of the week, The Country Bears from 2002? Yes, Mousterpiece Cinema has gone for the easy pun this week, as Josh and Gabe are joined by return guest Mark Pfeiffer to talk about all things Country Bears, from the famous Jamboree at Walt Disney World to Don Henley. (Yes, that Don Henley.) Does Mark still appreciate this oddball film as much as he did originally? Was Josh able to resist bear puns, or did he stand above his co-host? And what opinion of Josh's is likely to infuriate a subset of fans? Listen to find out!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Episode 188: Cinderella

Make sure you're dressed to the nines, dear listeners, because we've got quite the high-class tale to talk about on this week's episode of Mousterpiece Cinema. Did you ever see the film about the beautiful, kind, and silently suffering young woman who, with the help of a fairy godmother, falls in love with a handsome prince and gets to go to a fancy royal ball in a pumpkin-cum-coach? No, silly, we don't mean the 1950 animated film Cinderella; we mean the all-new, live-action Disney film Cinderella, from director Kenneth Branagh! Yes, the 2015 remake is on the docket today, and Josh and Gabe are joined by friend of the show Tasha Robinson of The Dissolve to talk about saying yes to the dress (and goodbye to swallowing food), how Robb Stark looks like Michael Fassbender clean-shaven, talking mice, and the gloriousness of Cate Blanchett. But did they like the new Cinderella? Did it prove its worth as more than a brand deposit? Or is this just another sign of the poor quality of live-action reboots? Put on both of your shiny glass slippers and find out now!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Episode 187: Mr. Holland's Opus

OK, friends, sit up straight. Backs up. Instruments high. And a-two, and a-three, and a-...OK, fine, no actual performing required today, but we are in a musical mood thanks to the movie of the week on Mousterpiece Cinema: Mr. Holland's Opus, starring Richard Dreyfuss as a music teacher in Oregon trying to improve the lives of his students over a three-decade period through an appreciation of the Terpsichorean muse. But is his Glenn Holland actually a good and/or inspirational teacher? Or just kind of a self-involved jackass? The answer isn't quite so simple, as Gabe and Josh are joined by Kyle Turner of The Balcony to debate the lead character and the film he occupies. Is it more than dramatic irony to have his son be deaf? Is Holland's off-key performance of "Beautiful Boy" sweet or painful? And how skeevy is the subplot about a student of his harboring a crush on him? Answers to these and more lie within. Check it out!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Episode 186: Pixar Shorts Collection, Vol. 2

We'd like to tell you that this week's episode of Mousterpiece Cinema is short in keeping with the tone and scope of our topic of discussion, but does "short" sound like it fits with our podcast? Of course not. That aside, Gabe and Josh tackle the second volume of Pixar shorts this week, covering everything from Your Friend The Rat to Time Travel Mater, because...well, someone has to, right? There's only six years' worth of shorts to cover, and only four wholly original ones; is this volume nearly as exciting and entertaining, if not revealing, as the first? Are there hidden gems within this group? Or are there too many franchise extensions? And will Gabe get yet another chance to reveal his general distaste for dogs/his inability to feel joy and love? Listen to find out!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Lucasfilm Bonus Episode Four: The Star Wars Prequels

Grab your cloaks and lightsabers, folks, because the Force is strong with this special bonus episode of Mousterpiece Cinema. After months of waiting and hoping and plugging our Facebook page, we've finally reached the point where we can talk about--yes, really--all three Star Wars prequels! The Phantom Menace! Attack of the Clones! Revenge of the Shi--Sith! Yes, Josh and Gabe talk about all three of them on this supersized episode of the podcast. Plus, Gabe reveals his so-called "dark secret" about the future of the franchise, and Josh unveils two different impersonations! As you can tell, things get kind of silly, almost from the get-go, but there's only one person to blame for that: George Lucas! Why, he's so bad he might even have nefarious designs on Gabe! Find out what that could mean by listening to the new show!