Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Episode 202: Inside Out

Friends, with this week's episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that Josh and Gabe are joined by longtime friend of the show and film critic Scott Mendelson to talk about the latest film from Pixar Animation Studios, "Inside Out." What's more, all three of your hosts loved the film with pretty much no reservation. Unfortunately, the bad news--and it is actual bad news, not just a joke--is that the audio quality on this week's show is going to be...well, a roller-coaster ride. Due to some technical difficulties on Josh's recording, the audio on his and Scott's side of the conversation is going to be...iffy. (You may wonder if they've fallen down a well. They did not! But...yeah.) So, we encourage you to check out the show! And we warn you in advance. So...enjoy! Maybe! And sorry!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Episode 201: Old Yeller

Friends, we're heading to the farm this week on Mousterpiece Cinema. Sure, you know the one, don't you? That farm where your favorite dog or cat got sent to after it was sick when you were a kid. They could run and jump and play and be happy without a care in the world at that darn farm. See, that's where all of our dogs and cats and other pets have to go when...well, when things get a bit rough. And things are getting a bit rough this week, as Gabe and Josh talk about one of the most memorable Disney movies of all time, Old Yeller. You know how Old Yeller ends, of course, and you don't even need to have seen the film. In fact, it's possible that this movie is mostly just known for its tragic ending, not the story around it. Maybe that's a good thing? Maybe Gabe and Josh didn't cry at this film? Maybe we're Ron Burgundy? (That last one may just be a teleprompter error.) Anyway, grab a box of tissues, your favorite pet, and listen to the new show!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Episode 200: The Lion King 1 1/2

We did it, friends! This week, we reach a podcasting plateau--200 episodes! Why, barely any other podcast has ever hit that peak before! (Don't verify our math.) And what better way to celebrate the 200th episode of Mousterpiece Cinema than with a direct-to-DVD sequel? Yes, really, thanks to issues of timing and ripping the band-aid off once and for all, Josh and Gabe are facing off with the DisneyToon Studios canon once more as they discuss the 2004 DTV release The Lion King 1 1/2. And guess what? Of all things, this one's a debate! Yes, it's true, one of your hosts didn't outright loathe this story about the budding bromance between Simba's friends Timon and Pumbaa; as they say on the Interwebs, the Answer Might Surprise You. Plus, a spirited revival of the old plea to Disney to release their old material on Blu-ray and on streaming turns into a great idea for a heist film. No fooling! Now, go listen to the show and celebrate in style!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Episode 199: Evita

This week on Mousterpiece Cinema, we're singing loud and proud! Or, Josh is singing loud and proud, and Gabe is trying not to cower in embarrassment at his co-host's voice. But you can't really blame Josh for feeling musical on this episode, seeing as the film up for discussion is the 1996 adaptation of the famous Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice musical Evita. Finally, Josh has a reason to playfully mock Madonna to superfan Gabe! But you might be surprised at how much of this discussion revolves less around music, or Madonna and co-star Antonio Banderas, or even director Alan Parker; instead, it's all about the debate between ambiguity and vagueness, between complexity and laziness, and where Evita fits. Arguments ahead, so get to listening to see which side you're on!