Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Episode 199: Evita

This week on Mousterpiece Cinema, we're singing loud and proud! Or, Josh is singing loud and proud, and Gabe is trying not to cower in embarrassment at his co-host's voice. But you can't really blame Josh for feeling musical on this episode, seeing as the film up for discussion is the 1996 adaptation of the famous Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice musical Evita. Finally, Josh has a reason to playfully mock Madonna to superfan Gabe! But you might be surprised at how much of this discussion revolves less around music, or Madonna and co-star Antonio Banderas, or even director Alan Parker; instead, it's all about the debate between ambiguity and vagueness, between complexity and laziness, and where Evita fits. Arguments ahead, so get to listening to see which side you're on!

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