Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Episode 201: Old Yeller

Friends, we're heading to the farm this week on Mousterpiece Cinema. Sure, you know the one, don't you? That farm where your favorite dog or cat got sent to after it was sick when you were a kid. They could run and jump and play and be happy without a care in the world at that darn farm. See, that's where all of our dogs and cats and other pets have to go when...well, when things get a bit rough. And things are getting a bit rough this week, as Gabe and Josh talk about one of the most memorable Disney movies of all time, Old Yeller. You know how Old Yeller ends, of course, and you don't even need to have seen the film. In fact, it's possible that this movie is mostly just known for its tragic ending, not the story around it. Maybe that's a good thing? Maybe Gabe and Josh didn't cry at this film? Maybe we're Ron Burgundy? (That last one may just be a teleprompter error.) Anyway, grab a box of tissues, your favorite pet, and listen to the new show!

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