Saturday, May 26, 2012

Episode 47: Herbie Goes Bananas

Listeners, it's finally come to this. After four films starring the rascally Love Bug himself, Herbie, your hosts Josh and Michael have begun to question each other's sanity. The real culprit is the topic of this week's podcast, the 1980 film Herbie Goes Bananas, where the supposedly lovable VW Beetle faces off against scheming thieves, an outrageously horny older woman, a stuffy cruise-ship captain, and a fuming bull. (Absolutely none of that is a lie or a joke. We promise.) For anyone hoping that Michael would, for once, succumb to the Dark Side, you may be disappointed, but you'll get to hear Josh rage and rant like never before. This one's an episode for the pantheon, so check out the new Mousterpiece Cinema today!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Episode 46: Fantasia 2000

Though it took sixty years for Disney to make a follow-up to the 1940 classic Fantasia, it's only taken Josh, Gabe, and Michael a month to discuss it on the podcast. This week, your three intrepid hosts join forces for the first time without guests to take a look at Fantasia 2000. What are their favorite segments? What are their least favorite segments? What do they think of the celebrity emcees? And how big of an axe does Gabe have to grind against the diva herself, Bette Midler? Check it all out with your very own Three Caballeros this week on Mousterpiece Cinema!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Episode 45: The Avengers

Head-to-head battles, a massive cast, snappy wit. Yes, this episode of Mousterpiece Cinema has it all. And what better way to discuss Marvel's The Avengers, one of the biggest, most popular films of the year? This week, it's a packed, epic-length show, as Josh, Gabe, and Michael are joined by special guest Adam Kempenaar, co-host of the essential Filmspotting podcast, to discuss the latest superhero film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Do they all love this new film from cult god Joss Whedon? Or will they have to lay waste to each other? And which one of your intrepid hosts Hulks out during the show? You'll have to listen to find out!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Episode 44: Chimpanzee

Grunt grunt grunt! Grunt--*cough, cough*--excuse me, I had a piece of hacky old shtick in my throat. Now, where was I? Ah yes, it's time for a new Mousterpiece Cinema! This week, Josh and Michael go to the jungles of Africa with the new DisneyNature documentary Chimpanzee, which is replete with beautiful imagery, a compelling day-in-the-life story about lovable chimps, and truly horrendous, movie-killing narration from Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor himself, Tim Allen. Would this movie be better if you could mute the dialogue? Does only one of your hosts indulge in a Home Improvement-style grunting impression, or both? And what would British documentarian David Attenborough sound like if he had read Allen's narration? Answers to these and other burning questions on the latest Mousterpiece Cinema!