Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Episode 198: Tomorrowland

This week on Mousterpiece Cinema, we're going to the future! Or an alternate dimension! Or another planet! Or...listen, we're just going to where the jet packs are, OK? On this episode, Josh and Gabe talk about Disney's big-budget blockbuster epic from director and co-writer Brad Bird called Tomorrowland. And they're joined by friend of the show Eric Goldman of IGN TV to discuss the important questions, such as: do you remember that CBS show "Swingtown"? You know, the one about swingers in the 1970s? It matters more than you might think to this discussion! Plus, the trio will also debate if this movie, with its George Clooney-centric kinda/sorta love story, is creepy, if its message surpasses the quality of the film, and what the hell Judy Greer's even doing in this movie for all of one second. No unique pins required--just check out the new show!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Episode 197: Monkeys, Go Home!

To quote a line from Rainier Wolfcastle's McBain (two weeks in a row referencing that character!), this episode of Mousterpiece Cinema is Josh and Gabe: Let's Get Silly. In discussing the final monkey-themed movie of the year (for now), Josh and Gabe got very weird in this episode of the podcast. But you can't blame them for indulging in French accents, laughing fits, and more, because Monkeys, Go Home! is a very, very weird movie. Or it's a bad movie. Or it's so bad, it's good. WHICH IS IT? Find out now!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Episode 196: Walt Disney Treasures: Tomorrow Land

For this week's episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, we're requiring all listeners to get their space gear in check, test their oxygen tanks, and prepare for a trip beyond Earth, beyond space, and maybe even beyond our solar system! But in case you're not ready for space travel just yet, you can still listen to the episode. This week, Josh and Gabe dig into another of the two-disc Walt Disney Treasures DVD sets, specifically the Tomorrow Land set, focusing on the way our 1950s society portrayed the future of space travel and science. Are Josh and Gabe able to embrace the optimistic futurism of this set or do they find it too quaint and dated? In short, are they ready to travel up (and at them/atom)? Or do they want to ponder their place in the dirt instead? Find out now!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Episode 195: Avengers: Age of Ultron

It's time to assemble your team, friends, because this week, Gabe and Josh are facing off against a terrifying prospect, something more fearsome than what they've faced before: another big-budget superhero movie. Yes, of course, like everyone else in the Western world, we're discussing Avengers: Age of Ultron today. Gabe and Josh are joined in this titanic quest by friend of the show Tim Grierson, author of Public Enemy: Inside the Terrordome. The trio answer some important questions this week: is superhero-movie fatigue real? Does this movie improve on the 2012 Joss Whedon film? Are the female characters multi-dimensional and complex, or are they closer to a certain s-word Jeremy Renner's been using lately? And how is Ant-Man like Cars 2? Find out on the new show!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Lucasfilm Bonus Episode Five: The Original Star Wars Trilogy

May the Third be with you! No, wait, hang on, that's not right. May the Fifth be with you! Hmm...still sounds funky. Oh, right, May the Fourth be with you! And what better way to celebrate this day than a two-hour discussion of the trilogy that started it all? There is no better way, trust us. Yes, for this bonus episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, Josh and Gabe spend entirely too much time talking about Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. Plus, because of our recording date, Gabe and Josh are able to dredge up the debate they tabled in the last bonus show: are they excited for The Force Awakens? Did the new teaser rouse them with interest or bore them? Or is it just Gabe who's a Debbie Downer? And, of course, what of the original trilogy? Did George Lucas make good films or did he just fool our childhood selves? And will there be cursing? (Yes. Earmuffs, children.) Fuzzballs, get ready to laugh it up--and listen!