Saturday, May 28, 2016

Episode 250: Melody Time

Hey, folks! It's a banner day here at Mousterpiece Cinema HQ, as Gabe and Josh are celebrating their 250th episode today. And there's no better film to discuss than the 1948 package film Melody Time, featuring Donald Duck, Roy Rogers, the Andrews Sisters, and more. Don't take that as sarcasm, either: this really is an ideal movie to discuss for such a notable milestone episode, because it gives Josh and Gabe time once again to talk about the "Open the Disney Vault" hashtag and why a movie like Melody Time is unjustly ignored by the higher-ups at Disney. But whether or not it's ignored, is Melody Time an underrated package film? Is it #problematic? Could it be both? Check out the new show to find out!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Episode 249: Gnomeo and Juliet

This week on Mousterpiece Cinema, Josh and Gabe are ripping off yet another Band-Aid. Yes, because they talked about a gnome-centric movie earlier this year, it's time to head back to the forest to deal with some more gnomes. (Because, of course, there's no place like gnome.) OK, being fair, Josh and Gabe are actually just headed to the garden, because the movie of the week--Gnomeo and Juliet--is all about garden gnomes who might be re-enacting one of the most famous dramatic tales of all time for our pleasure. Well, that's the idea. But Josh and Gabe are both pretty...displeased with this one, even in spite of its stacked cast including Emily Blunt, Michael Caine, and Hulk Hogan. (That is not a typo.) Does the film have any redeeming value? Find out now!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Episode 248: Captain America: Civil War

Listeners, it's time to choose a side in the great battle of the year. Are you on the side of goodness and light? Or are you on the side of hatred and injustice? Are you Team Batman or Team Superman? Oh, wait, sorry, wrong comic-book movie. This week on Mousterpiece Cinema, we're talking about the big battle between Marvel superheroes, in the new film Captain America: Civil War. Josh and Gabe are joined by Alyssa Rosenberg of The Washington Post to talk about all things Cap, from whether or not this is a decent Captain America movie or just The Avengers 2.5, to Bucky Barnes' utility as a character, to whether or not shaky-cam action needs to die in a fire. (Spoiler: yes. Yes, it does.) Put up your dukes, join a side, and check out the new episode!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Episode 247: An Extremely Goofy Movie

Friends, your eyes do not deceive you. Nor do your ears! As you'll hear when you begin listening to the new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, the plan was for Josh and Gabe to talk about the new Disney-distributed IMAX documentary A Beautiful Planet on this week's show. But then, as it turned out, life got in the way (much to Josh's surprise) and so your hosts went to a backup plan. That Plan B is none other than An Extremely Goofy Movie, a title that may be a little misleading, at least to one of your hosts. And though the debate is strong in this episode, don't you worry: this is an extremely goofy episode of the podcast, with everything from a discussion of the College X Games to a recitation of an Oscar Wilde poem. Check out the new show now!