Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Episode 196: Walt Disney Treasures: Tomorrow Land

For this week's episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, we're requiring all listeners to get their space gear in check, test their oxygen tanks, and prepare for a trip beyond Earth, beyond space, and maybe even beyond our solar system! But in case you're not ready for space travel just yet, you can still listen to the episode. This week, Josh and Gabe dig into another of the two-disc Walt Disney Treasures DVD sets, specifically the Tomorrow Land set, focusing on the way our 1950s society portrayed the future of space travel and science. Are Josh and Gabe able to embrace the optimistic futurism of this set or do they find it too quaint and dated? In short, are they ready to travel up (and at them/atom)? Or do they want to ponder their place in the dirt instead? Find out now!

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