Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Episode 188: Cinderella

Make sure you're dressed to the nines, dear listeners, because we've got quite the high-class tale to talk about on this week's episode of Mousterpiece Cinema. Did you ever see the film about the beautiful, kind, and silently suffering young woman who, with the help of a fairy godmother, falls in love with a handsome prince and gets to go to a fancy royal ball in a pumpkin-cum-coach? No, silly, we don't mean the 1950 animated film Cinderella; we mean the all-new, live-action Disney film Cinderella, from director Kenneth Branagh! Yes, the 2015 remake is on the docket today, and Josh and Gabe are joined by friend of the show Tasha Robinson of The Dissolve to talk about saying yes to the dress (and goodbye to swallowing food), how Robb Stark looks like Michael Fassbender clean-shaven, talking mice, and the gloriousness of Cate Blanchett. But did they like the new Cinderella? Did it prove its worth as more than a brand deposit? Or is this just another sign of the poor quality of live-action reboots? Put on both of your shiny glass slippers and find out now!

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