Monday, March 2, 2015

Lucasfilm Bonus Episode Four: The Star Wars Prequels

Grab your cloaks and lightsabers, folks, because the Force is strong with this special bonus episode of Mousterpiece Cinema. After months of waiting and hoping and plugging our Facebook page, we've finally reached the point where we can talk about--yes, really--all three Star Wars prequels! The Phantom Menace! Attack of the Clones! Revenge of the Shi--Sith! Yes, Josh and Gabe talk about all three of them on this supersized episode of the podcast. Plus, Gabe reveals his so-called "dark secret" about the future of the franchise, and Josh unveils two different impersonations! As you can tell, things get kind of silly, almost from the get-go, but there's only one person to blame for that: George Lucas! Why, he's so bad he might even have nefarious designs on Gabe! Find out what that could mean by listening to the new show!

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