Saturday, January 26, 2013

Episode 81: The Rescuers Down Under

In this week's all-new Mousterpiece Cinema, Josh, Gabe, and Mike not only return to the land of the little, but they do some surprising box-office fact-hunting. All in the name of two little mice from the Rescue Aid Society, too! Yes, it's time to discuss the 1990 sequel to The Rescuers, better known as The Rescuers Down Under. Does this forgotten film deserve a second chance? And why did it do so poorly at the box office back at the beginning of the Disney Renaissance? Your hosts delve into these issues and find some time to rant about Disney's questionable decision to remove the Little Mermaid 3D re-release from their schedule in this brand new show. Check it out, mate! And have a g'day! (It was just too silly to pass up, sorry.)

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