Saturday, January 12, 2013

Episode 79: The Odd Life of Timothy Green

On this week's new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, Gabe and Josh are joined once again by prolific pop-culture critic Keith Phipps to talk about a film focused on a boy whose life you might call quirky. You might call it strange. In fact, you could even call it...odd. (On that pun, we have no regrets.) Yes, this week, the show rights a wrong and finally discusses the late-summer family drama The Odd Life of Timothy Green, starring Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Garner, CJ Adams, and a slew of exceptionally talented character actors such as Dianne Wiest and James Rebhorn. Cast aside, did Gabe, Josh, and Keith actually enjoy this whimsical tale of how a married couple learns life lessons through their magical new son, or were they left cold by its attempted charms? And which of the three guys actually makes the "odd"-based pun on the show? (It's not who you might think!) Check out the new podcast today to find out!

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