Monday, February 15, 2016

Bonus Episode: Walt Disney

Hey, friends! We hope you're having a good President's Day; what better way to celebrate than by listening to a bonus episode of Mousterpiece Cinema? There is none! So we hope you're excited to hear Josh and Gabe debate the ethics and expectations of documentary filmmaking. (Yes, really.) This time, the bonus show is all about the recent 4-hour documentary "Walt Disney: He Made Believe," which aired on PBS last fall as part of their "American Masters" program. Or..."American Experience"? (Yes, Josh confused them once again.) Does this documentary live up to your hosts' expectations? Could it ever have done so? Did Walt Disney really have conversations with Mickey Mouse? Or is it possible that some of the never-before-heard-of talking-heads in this documentary are talking...out of something aside from their mouths? You'd better listen to find out!

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