Saturday, January 23, 2016

Episode 232: A Bug's Life

We're getting small on this week's episode of Mousterpiece Cinema. Tiny, you might say. As tiny as the size of an ant or some other kind of insect. Yes, we're talking about bugs this week because our movie is Pixar's A Bug's Life from 1998. Gabe and Josh are joined by friend of the show (and this week, thanks to Skype issues, a fairly echo-y friend) Griffin Newman to talk about all things ants...and Antz. You remember Antz, don't you? The first of two 1998 computer-animated films about quirky male ants who fall in love with the princesses of their respective colonies? The rivalry between Pixar and DreamWorks Animation is a hot topic in this episode, as are outtakes, voice work, and Gabe's daring suggestion that A Bug's Life may not even be as good as the first Cars. Prepare to be shocked throughout--check out the show now!

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