Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Episode 227: Miracle

All you hosers, eh, listen up! We got a real corker of an episode of Mousterpiece Cinema coming your way, and this week, Gabe and Josh are facing off in a colder climate than usual: the ice rink. Yep, they're back in skates again, metaphorically speaking, because this episode's all about an underdog hockey team overcoming insurmountable odds to beat a European foe. No, it's not D2: The Mighty Ducks! We're talking about the 2004 film Miracle, starring Kurt Russell as the coach who would bring the U.S. Olympic hockey team to victory over the dreaded Soviet Union hockey team. But at least one of your hosts dares to prefer a Mighty Ducks movie to a Kurt Russell-led sports drama; hear who's bold enough to say so, plus impressions of Katharine Hepburn so good, we're going to get Cate Blanchett to hand over her Oscar. (Well, maybe not yet.) Check out the show now!

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