Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Episode 217: The Haunted Mansion

The walls are closing in on you. There's a mysterious creaking sound from the door to the spooky basement you never like to visit. You're in a room with no doors or windows. Yes, that's right, you're trapped. Welcome, foolish mortals, to a brand-new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, where Josh and Gabe are in a spooky mood as they talk about the 2003 comedy The Haunted Mansion, based on the famous theme-park attraction. Getting in on the fun is International Business Times writer Monica Castillo. How terrifying will this episode get? Is there anything scarier on this episode than the prospect of watching the Eddie Murphy comedy? Is it possible that prankish spirits got in on the fun by mucking up the sound of the conversation with spooky background noise? (That one's a definite yes, so consider yourself warned.) Check out the show now, and find out what terrors lie in store!

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