Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Episode 214: Cars

Keep a weather eye open, friends. It sounds like thunder is approaching. And you know what comes after thunder, don't you? That would be...lightning! Ka-chow! And also dad-gum! Yes, the day is finally here. We're sure you've been waiting with bated breath and/or on tenterhooks for this one: Gabe and Josh are going to talk about the Pixar film Cars. They're not alone this week, either, as friend of the show Griffin Newman joins them to talk about all things vehicular. Does Cars get a bad rap? Is it better than its reputation? Does it deserve to be the basis for its own theme-park land? Or is it pretentious to dislike this movie? All these questions and a few references to a certain fan theory await you. Now get in your car, take a slow drive, and check out the show!

1 comment:

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