Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Episode 163: The Return of Jafar

Autumn may be upon us, but at Mousterpiece Cinema HQ, Gabe and Josh are still a bit hot under the collar. If you were satisfied with last week's heated debate of the career of cinematographer-turned-director Dean Cundey, then you are in for a treat with the new episode of the show. Your dynamic duo enter the world of direct-to-DVD sequels once again, but back in animation with The Return of Jafar, the Patient Zero of the Disney direct-to-DVD sequel. Is this return to the world of Aladdin not as bad as people presume it is? Is it worse? Does Gilbert Gottfried sing in this movie? And how heated must the discussion be if Josh wonders if it's time for a new co-host? (Don't worry, Gabe's job is safe. FOR NOW.) Get ready for a thrilla in...Agrabah, folks. Check out the new show now!

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