Saturday, April 26, 2014

Episode 141: Bears

It's been one week since the last episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, but just barely. On this week's show, Josh and Gabe had to grin and bear it while discussing the new Disneynature documentary Bears. They're joined by Sound on Sight contributor Zach Lewis to debate some of the big questions: how much do documentarians owe to telling the truth in their films? Is it OK to tell a story of the real world, with animals, and have it not be a documentary? Should Werner Herzog direct the next Disneynature film? (The answer, at least to the last one, is a clear yes.) Bears may not have made a great showing at the box office, but your hosts spent a fair bit of time this week parsing through the John C. Reilly narration, twinkly score, and an interview that shattered some of our illusions of what in the film really happened. But all you need are the bare necessities: headphones, iTunes, and this episode. So get to it!

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