Saturday, February 22, 2014

Episode 132: The Absent-Minded Professor

Well, friends, it's about that time again: time for the sexism talk. Not the sex talk, mind you. That's...well, we're not going to have that talk with you ever. You're on your own. But the sexism talk, specifically sexism in Disney movies, is something we're a bit more prepared to tackle. And we do so in the new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema, focusing on the 1961 comedy The Absent-Minded Professor, starring Fred MacMurray, Keenan Wynn, and a whole lot of flubber. Between Gabe and Josh, one of your co-hosts enjoyed the film and laughed at its many slapstick sequences; the other one was turned off by the main character's treatment of his fiancee. Can you guess who's who? No? Well, then, get to downloading the new episode! Don't bounce off the walls, just listen to the new podcast. Get it? Bounce? Because flubber...never mind.

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