Saturday, November 23, 2013

Episode 119: The Jungle Book 2

Only a few days after the apparently-real, not-fake International Men's Day, it's time for your podcast co-hosts to have another one of their typical bro-hangs. And is there a better movie to bro out to than the 2003 film The Jungle Book 2? Possibly! But this movie is the subject of the new Mousterpiece Cinema, and you may not be shocked to learn that Josh and Gabe weren't too impressed with yet another entry from DisneyToon Studios. That's in spite of John Goodman and Haley Joel Osment stepping in to voice Baloo and Mowgli, too. But even though the movie's not too great, the discussion inspired by it is a ton of fun, and yes, because it's just Josh and Gabe, a bit tangential. You know what they say, though: the tangents are the best part of any discussion! (OK, we just made that up right now. But still. Check out the new show.)

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