Saturday, September 7, 2013

Episode 108: The Muppet Movie

Are you confused? Feeling lost, perhaps? Well, you should try Hare Krishna. But if you have and found that religion to be more of a myth (myth! myth!), then maybe it's time to move right along and discover the fabled rainbow connection on the new episode of Mousterpiece Cinema. If you haven't figured out yet what movie's on the docket today, then you really are in for an education. (And you have no excuse for not having seen it yet!) We're talking about the 1979 family classic The Muppet Movie, of course, and Josh and Gabe are raring to go in reviewing this iconic film. They're joined by Estelle Hallick of This Happy Place in debating the villains who get away, the best and worst cameos and songs in this great Muppet story, and more. Don't hope that something better will come along--it has, and it's this show! So take a listen!

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