Saturday, August 10, 2013

Episode 104: Song of the South

You read the title right, friends. This week, Josh and Gabe tackle one of the most controversial films in American cinema, and arguably the most challenging in Disney's filmography: the 1946 live-action/animated hybrid Song of the South, which tells the tale of white and black characters living in harmony in the Reconstruction-era Deep South. To unwrap all of its complications, Josh and Gabe are joined by Noel Murray of The Dissolve, and they ask the big questions: should this movie be shown publicly? Should Disney profit as much as they do on its theme-park inspiration, Splash Mountain? And is Gabe a racist? (For liking this movie, that is.) If the bluebird is on your shoulder and you're whistling a very specific tune, tuck in and listen to the new show for the answers!

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