Saturday, July 13, 2013

Episode 100: The Lone Ranger

Yes, you read that title right, friends, it's our 100th episode. The first episode of Mousterpiece Cinema focused on Cars 2, not the most auspicious film to kick off any podcast. So perhaps it's fitting that our first major milestone episode focuses on the fine old mess known as The Lone Ranger. Gabe and Josh are joined by Battleship Pretension and CriterionCast writer Scott Nye to sift through all of Johnny Depp's quirks, Gore Verbinski's excess, and William Fichtner's cannibalistic nature to discuss whether this movie is actually as bad as so many people feared, if it's halfway decent, or if it's actually a hidden gem. Plus, Gabe pulls out his patent-pending Dumb Guy Voice! Celebrate 100 episodes by giving this one a listen.

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