Saturday, May 4, 2013

Michael Ryan: In Memoriam, Part Two

Welcome back, friends, to the second part of this special two-part show. As you saw from the first part of the podcast, Mousterpiece Cinema co-host and friend Michael Ryan passed away just over a week ago, so Josh and Gabe have been spending a bit of time reminiscing about their cohort. In the second part, Josh and Gabe highlight some memorable moments from having worked with Mike, both in another clip package, and in an extended discussion segment. Plus, you'll get to hear voicemails from some past guests and fellow listeners, as well as a conversation at the end of the show about the future of the podcast going forward. You don't want to miss it.

NOTE: As you'll hear, this episode eschews the typical Mousterpiece Cinema theme music, instead using snatches of familiar, fitting pieces of Disney music, all of which are owned by Disney, and are not meant to be used here for profit.

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