Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Episode 26: Treasure Island

Let's close out 2011 with a bang, mateys! We may be three months past National Talk Like A Pirate Day, but Josh is ready to walk the plank with that old scoundrel Long John Silver after watching the first full-length, live-action feature from Walt Disney Productions, 1950's Treasure Island. You know he's had some rough patches in the past with live-action Disney movies, but never fear, landlubbers: Josh found more than enough to enjoy with this old-fashioned adventure. So, if your timbers are properly shivered, take a listen to the new Mousterpiece Cinema!


  1. Definitely putting this on my watch list, I never actually caught this before. I don't think you did this for So Dear to My Heart, have you considered spending some time on the saga of Bobby Driscoll when (if) you finally get to review Song of the South? Probably way too much to go over in Peter Pan to spend a lot of time on Driscoll there, and I can't think of any other Disney films left with him in it.
    I see I went off the rails again, as usual.

    Very good episode! You'll be wishing you were back on the Hispanola when you're reviewing some of those late 70's - early 80's live action films!

    1. I'll probably delve a bit more into Driscoll when we cover Song of the South--won't be pretty, considering the last few years of his life, of course. And yeah, I imagine the 70s/80s were very rough for Disney until Katzenberg and Eisner came along. Tron was bad enough.