Saturday, June 25, 2011

Episode One: Cars 2

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome one and all to Mousterpiece Cinema! This blog and podcast are all about analyzing the Disney movies of the past, present, and future. I'm your host and guide, Josh, and for this inaugural episode, I'll take a look at Disney-Pixar's latest film, Cars 2. If you're concerned that this show will be a constant Disney lovefest, this episode will allay your fears. But if you're a Disney fanatic, don't fear--I love the Mouse and always have!

1 comment:

  1. I very much disagree with your opinions on Cars and Cars 2. Isn't it illogical to expect an animated children's movie to be fully rational? I enjoyed both movies very much. The characters are great and there are many relatable situations. They bring tears to my eyes and yet aren't too heavy to have fun watching over and over. Toy Story 3 is overall a better movie but it isn't as fun as Cars 2.

    You were incorrect in saying that McQueen had his blow up at Mater because Mater was "acting like a five year old". We were supposed to feel bad for Mater because he inadvertently caused McQueen to lose the race. Holley was talking to him on the headset and he did not realize that when he answered her he was also in McQueen's headset. That is why Lightning was mad, that Mater gave him bad advice. He didn't believe or try to understand Mater's explantion. Being reemed out unfairly is something most people have experienced.